• Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
  • Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou

Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou!

Discover the perfect place to unwind from the daily rush, to calm down, or having a lot of fun, enjoying Bavarian heartiness and hospitality.

You are invited to a unique journey experiencing authentic Bavarian food, flair and coziness.
The warm and appealing setting completed with Paulaner beer imported from Germany creates a unique and authentic atmosphere.

Come and enjoy a wide range of original Bavarian specialties along with your favourite freshly tapped Paulaner.


Our Location

Traditional and yet with a contemporary pulse - Paulaner Zhengzhou is a location at which time-honored Bavarian traditions are combined with a modern appreciation of life in a distinctive way.

It offers a unique mixture of restaurant, event location, beer garden and two terraces beneath one roof.

The ambiance and atmosphere are casual, yet stylish. Locals as well as visitors sit together at tables, say cheers to each other and enjoy their “outing to Bavaria” and the fresh tapped Paulaner beer.

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Paulaner, Munich & Bavaria
Did you know ...
Welcome to Paulaner Zhengzhou
WiesnThe Wiesn is the world’s greatest folk festival and breaks attendance record every year. A record-breaking quantity of almost 7 Mio. litres of beer was served at the 200th Wiesn Jubilee in 2010. In just two weeks, about 6 Mio. visitors spend close to 830 Mio. € in the city.
Beer – “liquid food”
BeerIn the 14th century, the Bavarian monks brewed according to the motto: “Liquida non frangunt ienum” (liquid doesn’t break the fast). Due to the hard work and often meagre meals, particularly during Lent, beer was considered to be liquid food and a daily allowance of 5l. was granted!
The origin of the pretzel
PretzelAccording to legend, the court baker Frieder baked such awful bread, that they threatened to hang him. He managed to save his neck by inventing a bread “through which the sun shone three times”. The man survived, and with him the pretzel.
Dress code in a Biergarten
BiergartenAny outfit goes in a Biergarten. Of course, real Bavarians happily wear their “Lederne”, the traditional Bavarian lederhosen. And the women often wear their dirndl dress in the Biergarten.
The first Oktoberfest
OktoberfestA member of the Bavarian National Guard suggested that the wedding of Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese be celebrated with a big horse race. So, on 17th October 1810 the first horse race and therefore forerunner of the Oktoberfest took place in the Theresienwiese. Since then the Wiesn has used the name of Princess Therese.
The toast
ToastRumour has it that the clinking of beer mugs was originally a sign of confidence. In the Middle Ages it was very common to dispatch one’s enemy with poison. You therefore clinked glasses so heavily that the beer spilled over into the other person’s mug. Anyone who didn’t clink in fear that the poison would slosh over into their own glass was suspect.
What’s the proper way to eat Weißwürste?
WeißwürsteWeißwürste shouldn’t hear the bells chime, say the locals. This saying has a long history and comes from a time when there weren’t any fridges. The Weißwürste spoiled very quickly in the heat and therefore had to be eaten up by noon. Not only that, you should eat Weißwürste, skin and all, with your fingers and not with a knife and fork. But please only ever eat it with sweet mustard!
Beer benches in a Biergarten
BiergartenYou won’t ever find a table for two in a Biergarten as everyone is very outgoing. You can sit yourself down anywhere and toast one another with a beer.
Industrious girls and boys
BierturmAround 1,600 waiters and waitresses ensure that the guests are well supplied at the Oktoberfest. Anita Schwarz from Upper Bavaria holds the record for carrying beer mugs. This waitress can carry 19 litres of beer in a distance of 40 metres and put them down again without spilling a drop.
Food in a Biergarten
BiergartenTraditional food includes Steckerlfisch, usually a mackerel on a wooden skewer, grilled over charcoal. There’s also Obazda, Radi, Wurstsalat, etc. According to an old tradition, you may bring your own Brotzeit (snack but no drink) to a Bavarian Biergarten
More about us
Our Location

Paulaner Zhengzhou, a traditional restaurant with its authentic Bavarian menu and casual but charming service provides an unforgettable experience for young and old.

Food & Beer

The style of cuisine is typically Bavarian, of course. The menu contains Munich specialities (Paulaner Classics) as well as popular international dishes and food trends.

Our popular Paulaner beer specialities have long stood for exquisite quality. All beers offered in the Paulaner are brewed according to the 1516 purity law.

Our Events

Every year the Paulaner celebrates events such as the renowned Oktoberfest and Maifest, attracting a large crowd of beer enthusiasts who enjoy an authentic atmosphere and delicious food and beverages.

Our Team

Our friendly and professional Team will ensure your visit to become a unique Paulaner experience.


The food selection consists of three pillars: Classics of the Bavarian cuisine (Paulaner Classics), which are prepared and served authentically, as well as internationally popular dishes and current food trends. Of course all dishes correspond magnificently with the Paulaner beer specialties.

All Paulaner beers offered in the Paulaner Zhengzhou are brewed according to the 1516 Bavarian Purity Law not using any other ingredients than water, malt, hops and yeast. Whether light or dark, all Paulaner beers are always tapped fresh and with lots of fizz.

Paulaner Grand Platter

Grand Platter

Selection of pork roast, duck, sausages, meat loaf, Nürnberger sausages, pork knuckle – served with sauerkraut and potato dumpling.

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Original Münchner Hell

Gloriously golden blond, extremely elegant and full-bodied. The bubbles fizz perfectly in the glass. The Paulaner Original Munich Premium Lager is sparkling, light and slightly hoppy – the perfect lager beer. This classic Munich Biergarten beer loves being poured into a beer mug. The characteristic lager beer is the most consumed beer in Bavaria and is as much a part of Bavaria as the Brezn and the white clouds in the blue sky.

Original Gravity: 11,5%
Alcohol: 4,9% vol.
Calories: 42Kcal/ 100ml

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Paulaner’s Brotzeit

Selection of home made cold cuts, accompanied by assorted cheese and oven-fresh pretzels.

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Hefe-Weißbier naturtrüb

Wheat beer or Weissbier is superbly refreshing and tingly – the ideal summer drink. Specifically cultivated, top-fermented yeast give it its unmistakable character: sparklingly mild and fruity with a delicate yeast flavour. The eye is immediately drawn to its gleaming orange colour, its uniform cloudiness and the large head.

Original Gravity: 12,5%
Alcohol: 5,5% vol.
Calories: 47Kcal/ 100ml

Paulaner Zhengzhou


Strand of dough artistically wound to form a lye bread. On the Wiesn, the enormous, over-sized pretzel is preferred.

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Hefe-Weißbier alkoholfrei (alcohol free)

Thanks to its finely-tuned recipe, the alcohol-free Paulaner Hefe-Weizen has managed to retain the unmistakable wheat beer flavour. Every mouthful of this real wheat beer tastes exactly as it should – only without the alcohol. Easily recognizable one must only look for the red cap.

This contemporary refreshment is ideal for a light drink outside work, at lunch time or after sport.

Original Gravity: 6,1%
Alcohol: less than 0,5% vol.
Calories: 20Kcal/ 100ml

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Dessert Variation

Home made Apple Strudel, Kaiserschmarrn and sweet yeast dumpling filled with plum jam.

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Hefe-Weißbier Dunkel

Compared to pale wheat beer, dark wheat beer has a greater dark malted wheat content, hence its enticing chestnut brown colour. The substantial 12.4 % original gravity gives it its irresistibly pleasant taste, while its fresh, strong aroma reveals a hint of roasted malt.

Original Gravity: 12,4%
Alcohol: 5,3% vol.
Calories: 45Kcal/ 100ml

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Hax’n – Giant Crackling Pork Knuckle

Roasted pork knuckle, potato dumplings and classic cabbage salad.

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Paulaner Salvator

This is the original Paulaner, the founding beer of Paulaner. The Salvator double bock is a bottom-fermented beer and has been brewed in almost exactly the same way since the end of the 18th century. It combines the most delicate of hops and dark barley malt to give a strong, characteristically malty taste and an inviting, gleaming copper colour.

Original Gravity: 18,3%
Alcohol: 7,9% vol.
Calories:71Kcal/ 100ml

Paulaner Zhengzhou


A must try dessert for the ones that can’t get enough – roughly shredded and caramelized pancake served with apple and plum compote.

Paulaner Zhengzhou

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier®

This beer is an institution: the Oktoberfest Bier® from Paulaner, with its full-bodied, pleasant taste definitely pairs beautifully with the hearty delicacies along with Hendln or Schweinshaxen. With a hint of malty sweetness the Oktoberfest Beer possesses the perfect balance. Oktoberfest Bier® is available in the tents on the Wiesn in a beer mug, which equates to a litre. For more than two weeks every year, Munich turns into the beer capital of the world. Around six million visitors celebrate the Oktoberfest by drinking the liquid gold.

Original Gravity: 13,7%
Alcohol: 6,0% vol.
Calories: 50Kcal/ 100ml

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